Monday, October 4, 2010

Rough night ahead?

Looking at the schedule

Hard to pick something that won't go ballistic with a fat surprise..
Hopefully we can get our targets quick and leave the carnival ride for someone else.

Good time to practice strict rules with these levels:

US/CHF: .9761 TOP/ .9680 BTM....<--15-18 pip buffer both ends (40 to 55 pip range)
US/CAD: 1.0266 TOP/ 1.0187 BTM <--ONE OR THE OTHER/Don't count on both hitting (40/50pip range)
GB/CHF: 1.5435 TOP/1.5310 BTM <--If it is out by 18 pips ..IT'S OUT..Once again BIG moves with this pair, hitting 9 out of 9 days on one or both within the buffer zone. (70 to 120+ pip range)

These are not TRADE SIGNALS, Just areas to watch for directional turn.

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