Sunday, December 4, 2011

US/CAD and Murrey

More and More I find adding the T.H.Murrey math divisions along with fibo's are making sense, have a look at this 4H chart:

Just split the difference between fibo lines (marked in orange) and you will see candles stopping or starting to move off those divisions.
At present, I don't have a trade set-up for this pair as I'm seeing several pairs (kiwi post & Murrey explained in an Interview last summer) just out of reach at the moment, so I wait.
I'll be watching to see if the candles move higher to the intermediate (blue) moving average before I even think about getting in with a possible short.
The 50 sma is still sloping down, STOCH still up and MACD still climbing (as of close Friday)
No Sir....I'm not in a rush, I'll wait...ready to pounce

Thursday, December 1, 2011

For now

I'll work on joining these 2 blogs soon, looking over the US/CAD and will post my view over the weekend