Sunday, October 3, 2010

Back to "Blogger"

Yes, same guy...Had enough of that "blog", very problematic...

I'll just continue on and if you stumble across this, you can click above link to see a few months of results. I'm not one to 'self-promote' , not selling anything.
I use the 'other' Twitter account to post "Levels I'm watching" with a %% (stock-ly) click link and sign up if you want

THE "Other" Twitter account, the goal is to keep that one "pure", trade ideas/ trade related info only.

* Levels Posted:

Basically, the calculations started by finding the predicted range "High" & "Low" turning points  for the next day, refinements and adjustments along the way have narrowed this to the "Turn" of direction...not exactly the "Swing" point as the "High" of the day can be greater as the day progresses on some pairs.
What you will 'see' though is that these "Levels" have a high probability of reversing direction for a 30 + pip move, many times it's much more and occasionally it's a bit less (15 to20 pips)..and of course a "Complete miss" is always a's forex...expect the unexpected.
In part, the 'levels' I post use a similar mathematical formula used in a "Trading Bot" .

* How to use:

I would suggest adding these "Levels" to your chart with a trend line and use as a guide along with indicators you are accustomed to using...Bollinger Bands, keltner channels, RSI, force, etc etc.
Whatever you use to gauge/identify a price reversal and if price is near one of those levels...looking weak, over bought/over sold, chances are (mathematical probability) direction is about to change.
It's been a few months since I started posting these levels (3rd Blog)...the first one was deleted (thank me later), the second blog (above link) will stay until I have a "History" here to look back on.
"On Paper", I have worked on the "math" for over 7 months and began posting "Levels" in July.

CHART BELOW IS AN EXAMPLE OF LEVELS POSTED ON September 27/10 for 28th on US/CHF : US/CHF: .9890 TOP / .9820 BTM

 As you can see, the BTM level .9820 (+2) was area of direction change, BUT NOT extreme "Low" for the day. TOP level was -15 (well within 20 pip buffer) <---again depending on experience/ability etc., could have been Trade #2.
The whole idea is to limit exposure, make your pips and move on.

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