Sunday, October 17, 2010

re-cap Friday & new stuff

Friday 15th

EUR/GB called .8814/.8746
Looking to chart, I was over by 20 pips (15 to 18p buffer + spread) 19/22...add a triple top out..yeah I took as you see it and it did hit the .8746 was a judgement call for sure.

US/CAD: called 1.0093/ 1.0003
back to chart...
8 pips from target level giving us a 64 pip run

GB/CHF:  called 1.5322/ 1.5180
at 1.5324 /2 pips over we had a 35 pip drop..OK...not huge..was expecting 70+...didn't happen

CHF/JPY: called 85.80 / 85.10
@ 85.10 we had a 13 pip bounce..not great considering the spread
#2 @ 85.10...+26...I watch those levels for consolidation or turns and YES i took that


Going over my list of pairs, I had to delete a few due to spread and actual pip movement during the day...cutting down on risk

I don't want anything over an 8 spread and even with that it has to move 60+

Replaced with: EUR/CHF, GB/AUD & AUD/CHF, these I will work on and see if I can nail a predictable pattern...all in all I track 18 pairs, picking 4 or 5 (sometimes 3) to post here.
Simply don't have time to lay out all 18 and a few of those are still "work in progress".

There is no 'simple' equation to just post and let any of you figure it out daily, I do 4 to 5 calculations on some pairs and 2 to 3 on others...each move at different 'speeds' up and down....and it fluctuates.
Getting this "perfect" is an illusion as I will never be able to predict Volume on any given day or lot size/money flow, one way or another.
I stress to you these "levels" are NOT TRADING SIGNALS...Even though at times it may appear that way being only a few pips off.
Use these "Levels" as you would  a pivot point or an "over bought/over sold" indicator, read your candle stick pattern/look for more confirmation.
New Stuff
EUR/GB: .8780 / .8701 (40p )

US/CHF: .9635 / .9530 ( 45p)

US/CAD: 1.0148 /1.0054 (40+)

GB/CHF: 1.5407 / 1.5253 (65+)

C-YA Tomorrow

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