Thursday, October 21, 2010

the new math

As in the past, when we get volatility extreme, the "math" slides off course...
and yet...I "knew" better....#FAIL

Yeah...lessoned Learned

2 days ago 18 pairs I track 2 were "on target"...<---only once before has that happened out of the last...8/9 months.
Yesterday...9 out of 18 on target
Generally I get 12 to 13 on any given day.
Keep in mind  3 pairs were just added to my list.
I don't expect everyone to understand, it is a system that works for me so I'm sticking with it and in the future I will just have to "learn" to pay attention to the 'warnings" and not trade until the "math" comes back in line.
My EUR/GB "swing" is still negative *25pips...not so bad..if the math is right ?...I should be break even or a little ahead in the next 24 hours ( I'm showing a lower high than previous top)
levels I'm looking for:

CHF/JPY: 84.43/ 83.64....(40P RANGE)

EUR/CHF: Looking for 1.3415* low for long entry (20p buffer)..60+ p

USD/CAD: Looking for 1.0205 low for long  50+ ( My upper level is about 1.0309/1.0320)

I'll put these on my charts and keep watch..

** Just trading ideas based on my own mathematical equations....NEVER A GUARANTEE

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