Wednesday, December 8, 2010


GB trades..not so best Pal

onwards and reaching a top
EUR/JPY...Projected daily 112.04  est. weekly turn 112.18/ 112.40
So, looking for signs of reversal @
 112.00 with 40 p stop..., exit 110.75 (1st)

(Estimated top today was under 10p

US/CHF still hovering at TOP...not much happening/stops in

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

next up

EUR/JPY took off...missed projected range a bit...I'll keep working on that

GB/CHF 1.5533 short...stop above 200ma

GB/JPY only 14p away from projected 'turn' (short)  1.3165

Monday, December 6, 2010

The time crunch continues

Us/chf (already entered had it set ahead)

Eur/Jpy, reaching into BTM area ( 109.24/ 109.05) first level for reversal..."Turn-around-Tuesday"?

Daily turn: shows 109.06 BTM area... 1st reversal area...extreme number 108.35 (based on volatility extremes)...looking for reversal at first level...use stops as always

all other pairs still to far out from either end for now...IMO

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

long time no posting

Starting next week, I'll resume posting my Trade Ideas.
My personal schedule has FORCED me (screaming and kicking) to adjust or alter the "Plan" short?
I just cannot trade daily at the times I need to be front and center.
Changes were made...I even considered dropping FX  and move on to something else...Options...<--still looking at that but once again this "Time" issue keeps getting in the way.
The "New" Plan?

For the last 3 weeks I've been trading weekly swing positions only...stop rolling your's actually working out well.
Using the math, it cuts the stop-loss amount back to ...40 to 50 pip range and targets of 100 to 160+ gains over a few days (depending on pair) some pairs are only moving 80 to 90 pips...still...2 to 1 ratio roughly and thats fine with me.
I only have one trade active right now and closed out of all the rest so as of today I'm over 340 pips positive.
Good enough.

If you are interested, follow along...nothing to buy or subscribe to.
You will however have to change the way you evaluate each session and look at longer time frames until "Levels" are withing striking distance...takes a little patience and it may seem as if you are wasting time as "scalpers" post trades every few minutes out here on Twitter etc.<---if it works for you?...stay put
If not?
This is just an alternative Trading Idea, and  its working for me.
Generally a few pairs will hit the 'turn' early (tuesday*) and reach targets within 36/48 we are at Wednesday and I'm out of all but one (25pip stop-loss) so even if it does go "bad" I'm way ahead.

NFP Friday...if we see a drop in US/JPY , say 40/50 pips...low 83's...I'll be going long and holding...other than that, See you next week.