Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A look back and ahead

.Quickly from yesterdays levels...

US/CAD slight bounce (20p) from 1.0110 <---My level was 1.0114...not much action there
GB/CHF: see chart/...4 pips under for an 80 pip bounce

CHF/JPY:  see chart...20 & 30 p bounces....8pips over TOP & 11 over BTM (within 15-18p buffer)

.NZ/JPY 8 pips from BTM level (61.90 posted)...actual 61.98 for 50* pip bounce/ 2 pips from TOP level

Looking back at last month at this time, I'll go with what worked. (NFP week)
No guarantees it will work this time around though

AUD/JPY: 81.32 TOP / 80.74 BTM level....if it stays in this range look for repeats/ 45 to 60 pips

GB/CHF:1.5327 TOP / 1.5189 BTM..on a roll with this one...70+ pip moves

CHF/JPY: 86.43 TOP/ 85.89 BTM...30 PIP targets

NZ/JPY: 62.33 TOP / 62.00 BTM...30/50 PIP RANGE

EUR/CAD: 1.4136 TOP / 1.4020 BTM...Keep eye on upper level as it's hitting this resistance now several times/check daily chart

TONS OF NEWS /CABLE etc overnight/rules in play/15/18 pip safe...always next week to get better chances

Holiday here this weekend and I'm going away for a few days...I'll be back   probably posting Tuesday for Wednesday

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