Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Gotta love that GB/CHF...

I'M liking this more and more...7 pips off the BTM for a 80p gain.

US/CAD 5 pips from TOP (1.0266 posted) for a 70 pip run

US/CHF, under by -23 pips (sticking with rules 15-18 pips) NO TRADE (DON'T BLAME YOU IF YOU DID THOUGH..as it dropped about 40p

New stuff

US/CAD: 1.0195 TOP/  1.0114 BTM may not move much considering News in the A.M.

GB/CHF: 1.5420 TOP / 1.5282 BTM

CHF/JPY: 86.42 TOP / 85.85 BTM

NZ/JPY: 62.52 TOP / 61.90 BTM

*KEEP in mind Japan News coming out overnight, and EURO/ GDP & German Factory orders...USUALLY we see a MAJOR slowdown as we wait for U.S. News.

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